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Glass Door Specialist: The Kind of Glass Doors That Businesses Use

Being a top supplier of commercial glass door Singapore, Glass Door Specialist knows that every business has unique requirements and tastes regarding the kinds of glass doors they utilize. Here are some of the most popular types of glass doors that companies use

Frameless glass doors
Frameless glass doors are a sleek and modern alternative that has become increasingly popular recently. As the name suggests, these doors don’t have a visible frame, giving them a clean and streamlined appearance. As a result, frameless glass doors are an excellent alternative for organizations that wish to create a contemporary and professional appeal.

Sliding glass doors
Sliding glass doors are a sensible alternative for firms that have limited space. They glide open and closed on tracks, providing easy access and maximizing floor area. In addition, sliding glass doors are often used in restaurants, cafes, and other businesses with outdoor seating spaces.

Hinged glass doors
Hinged glass doors are a more classic alternative that is still popular in many businesses. These doors swing open and closed on hinges, offering a more traditional aesthetic. Hinged glass doors are often utilized in retail establishments, offices, and other enterprises that desire to create a more official feel.

Rotating glass doors
Rotating glass doors are a unique choice that provides a stunning and functional doorway for businesses with heavy foot traffic. These doors have numerous panels that revolve around a central axis, allowing people to enter and exit the building simultaneously. Rotating glass doors are often utilized in hotels, hospitals, and other companies that need to accommodate many people.

Bi-folding glass doors
Bi-folding glass doors are a versatile solution that gives flexibility to organizations. These doors consist of numerous panels that fold back on themselves, creating an aperture that can be modified to match the demands of the room. Bi-folding glass doors are often utilized in restaurants, cafes, and other businesses that feature indoor-outdoor seating areas.