Ayahuasca: Amazonian Psychedelic Tea

Anyone looking for an ayahuasca experience should click here now to this website right now. Ayahuasca Info suggests doing research on the drug, talking with experienced drinkers about it, and only taking Ayahuasca from Your Highest Truth in the presence of another experienced drinker who can guide the session.

Ayahuasca is a herbal drink made from plants found in the Amazon rainforest. This tea has been used in healing ceremonies for centuries. The drink is said to cause hallucinations and to have spiritual and therapeutic properties. It has recently attracted the attention of Western medicine as a potential treatment for depression.

People looking for a “shaman experience” have also taken to the drug. According to the journal Nature(opens in new tab), a thriving industry has developed in South America, with thousands of people paying large sums of money to attend retreats to experience ayahuasca’s “intense psychedelic insights.” The drink, however, has been linked to several deaths among “ayahuasca tourists.”

Because ayahuasca is illegal in the United States, people must travel to participate in a ceremony. Some people believe that while high on ayahuasca, they gain a better sense of self or are better equipped to work through mental trauma, resulting in improved mental health after the session.

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